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Is your computer slow? Do your programs crash often?. Uncontrollable pop ups for gambling or porn striking you by surprise?

If you haven't been able to fix these problems we can help! Right at your home our office.

If you live in the Peth (WA) metropolitan area we can fix these problems for a small fee and give you advice on maintaining your computer without it being taken over by complex security products.

Use our contact form above and we'll get right back to you.


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SuraSoft was created by Surakshan Mendis in 1999. Initially it was a novelty search engine containing a collection of links that he found interesting. In mid 99 the author gained an interest in computer security and encryption after he learnt how deleted data could be recovered. By late 1999 the topic of the website had moved completely to computer security.

SuraSoft was one of the first sites to discuss spyware and offer advise before the anti-spyware boom and marketing propaganda took place.

Today we continue with security in mind and build networks focused on open technologies and robust security. We've gained sound experience in NSA SELinux, Samba domains, data encryption and authenticated wireless network deployments using RADIUS technologies.

The knowledge we carry is our biggest asset.