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Our privacy policy is simple, it wasn't generated by some wizard using techno wording that only lawyers understand. We've highlighted everything in point form.

IP address
Your IP address is logged by our Web Server. However it has no use for us except when we try to gather some statistics for the site. An example is when we try to figure out which regions of the world our visitors come. We do not single your IP out, rather we look at things in aggregate.

Password Privacy/Security
If you sign up for a service that SuraSoft may provide (such as a forum) your password is securely encrypted. When you make/assign a password it is stored using MD5 on the server. The encryption process cannot be reserved. When you validate your password then it also gets encrypted and then cross checked with the one on file. We cannot see what password you chose.

E-mail Privacy
Your e-mail address is never sold or transferred to another party without your consent.

If you sign up for a service that SuraSoft may provide (such as a forum) then a valid e-mail address is required to validate your registration (to stop bogus accounts, and to stop your address being used in an unauthorized manner).

Any mailing lists provided by SuraSoft require account verification. You will not recieve unsolicated mail from us. All our lists are run on an opt-in basis and you may opt-out at anytime. 

Advertising and third party links
SuraSoft does not deliver ads by pop up windows. If we do have advertisements they are simple text ads and are clearly marked as such. These ads are supplied automatically and targeted by Google Inc. SuraSoft cannot be held responsible for the content of these ads. As with any product especially security/privacy related ones you should research its quality before using it.

SuraSoft may contain links to third party websites (including via text ads), this is done in good faith to the visitor. This privacy policy DOES NOT extend to such third party sites.

Cookies are not evil, they are helpful to solve the stateless nature of HTTP. SuraSoft does not deliver cookies on its pages apart from any forums we may have. Cookies on forums allow you to track your posts and keep you logged in. Our services are accessible without cookies.

If you have any questions please contact us