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Spyware Information

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Spyware slows your computer down, brings in dirty pop-up windows and invades your privacy. Visit our spyware resource center to learn what spyware is, where it comes from and how to safely get rid of it.

Secure File Deletion

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When a file is deleted it's still there (even after the recycle/trash is empty). In this article we discuss how files can be recovered after they are deleted and what measures you can take to "securely delete" your data so it cannot be later recover!

A must read if you are throwing your computer out or selling it!

Is your webstie hackable?

Read Is your website Hackable?

The recent attacks directed towards UCLA and the TJX Group has sent wild shockwaves that has set many organizations rethinking their security infrastructures. This article highlights prominent hacking episodes of December 2006 and provides much needed statistics on web application hacking.

Anti Spam

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Spam - the term the coiled to represent junk advertising arriving by email, posted onto news groups and in some cases interactive mediums such as chatting. More than just annoying, it costs you time and money. In this article learn how tricky spammers get your email address and how manage your current spam

Encrypted File System for Windows XP

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Windows XP and Vista offer seamless data encryption for different users. In this article learn how to encrypt data as well as how to back up and store your encryption certificate in case of a Windows reinstall or disk damage.

Packet Sniffing

Read Packet Sniffing, part 2

Ever wondered how your password (or credit card details) can be intercepted as it travels the Internet to a server?  If someone has access to a network they can "sniff" the contents down the wire then decode it and easily extract the required information.

In this article learn how easy (and free) it is to sniff a network and what you can do reduce the damage by a malicious sniffer.

Denial of Service attacks

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When servers get overloaded they fail to process a request you may make. In this article learn the techniques malicious attacks inflict upon servers to overload them essentially denying the server from servicing legitimate users.

Privacy Disks

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By turning a partition of your RAM into a "disk" via software you have just created a high speed drive. You can store temporary data such as your browser cache to speed it up. In this article discover some common and free RAM Disk software and how it can aid in increasing your privacy.


Read TEMPEST Attacks...

Learn how your monitor (and other devices) emit signals which can be intercepted and carefully reconstructed to see what's on your screen. In this article we describe what a TEMPEST attack is and some of the myths behind them.